1/3/21: made the website..i dont remember the exact dates for the pages unfortunately

3/27/21: added this thing... updated the index a tiiiny bit (mostly just the words and images). i'll try to work on this again soon...!

4/11/21 i made a page about vocaloid. i'm very sorry

♬♩♪♩ MAGNAPINA ♩♪♩♬



Welcome to my little website...
I just put my stupid and gay stuff here

may be slow to update...! i have a lot of hobbies but i also have a lot of work. so it's a little hard to get things done. i have some plans i'd like to make real eventually though

this website is NOT meant to look "good" or "consistent". most of these pages are going to look like, completely different. because i'm just having fun over here!!!!!!!!!!! im not here to make a pretty or normal looking website

SILLY IMAGES that i like a lot

dance cats

i do NOT KNOW!!! why one of them is squished

ill add more to this later :]