1/3/21: made the website..i dont remember the exact dates for the pages unfortunately

3/27/21: added this thing... updated the index a tiiiny bit (mostly just the words and images). i'll try to work on this again soon...!

4/11/21 i made a page about vocaloid. i'm very sorry

6/29/21 redecorated my homepage!!. can't add anymore updates here until i figure out how to get overflow to work on this tiny stupid gay box

♬♩♪♩ MAGNAPINA ♩♪♩♬

hey there. how's it going

Welcome to my gay little website...!
I hate social media so this is my little place to put all of my fun stuff

may be slow to update...! i am in college again so i have a lot to do and i also have 50000 hobbies that i'm trying to keep up with that hurt a lot less than trying to learn html does so it's hard to be like OK let's get back to working with html my least favourite thing ever. also i have wrist problems and typing is hell. and so is using a mouse. yes i live like this

this website is NOT meant to look "good" or "consistent".

most of these pages are going to look like, completely different, and also really ugly, because i'm just having fun over here!!!!!!!!!!! im not here to make a pretty or normal looking website. mostly because i suck at html css web design stuff, but also because i don't want to feel too restricted in format! i think websites and social medias these days are BORING!! and I wanted to make something crazy and silly and fun and also ugly as all hell ^_^


i'm casey!! just a silly guy who knows nothing about actual web design and is just kind of going completely off of online tutorials. google searches, and the 1 semester of Digital Design class that i took in high school. i'm a 19 year old sophomore in college studying ecology, and i really really love marine biology! look up "magnapinna" for something real cool. it's my favourite animal

other than website stuff and biology, i also love art (i'm a digital artist! all of the art on the "juno" pages is my own, and i might make a page just for my art... one of these days), video games (play lobotomy corporation), and especially vocaloid/vocal synths!!!!!!! my favourite thing ever.

SILLY IMAGE collection

dance cats