You have reached the ONLY magnapina neocities the world wide web has to offer! This site is my very own silly little internet space. Here you can find my thoughts, my art, things I like, etc...! Just anything I find fun.

To get technical stuff out of the way... magnapina is coded on my 2560 x 1600 display. It's weird. I know. Hopefully it should now work on any screen size, but if anything looks weird, I'm sorry. I unfortunately do not possess the technical skills to make this site completely mobile friendly, but I'm working on making every page at least not destroy itself on phones. magnapina will never contain any flashing gifs, autoplay, or anything too "eye strainy". If anything is hard to read, please let me know!


Magnapinna is the genus exclusively consisting of various species of bigfin squid, a rarely documented deep sea cephalopod with tentacles that are estimated to grow up to 30 feet long. While adult specimen have been recorded on camera, they've never been seen in person, and only larval/juvenile specimen have ever been collected. they're basically just the coolest animals on this planet. look them up if you want, they're awesome.

I'm a biology student, hobbyist artist, videogames and music fan, and really just some guy learning html in his freetime... not much else going on with me. I like to have fun and chill out.

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