This page is gonna get real ugly and I'm sorry.

I really really really like vocaloid!!!!!!! i've been a huge fan of it since like 2014 and i still really love the music and just the general internet history that vocaloid has. so i thought it would be fun to make a little section where i talk about different vocaloid songs/albums/producers i like.*

i don't really have a favourite vocaloid anymore.. IDK why i just don't have specific strong opinions about vocaloids themselves. i enjoy their designs and voices and i like seeing how different producers use them. now if you asked me about utaus i would have a lot more to say because for some reason its easier to have opinions about utaus (my favourites are koto fuuga and kakoi nizimine)

my favourite producer is pinocchioP. however i'm also a huge fan of, inabakumori, kemu (even though it's been years..), and ayase!

*note that i DO not know "music theory" or any sort "music words to describe music". i'm also very bad at words in general. so most of me talking about songs will just be like "yeah this ones a banger" or something like that. if i sound stupid as hell that's on me.