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songs i recently discovered/recently released and my opinions on them!! this page will definitely update a lot. this might include some older songs that i just happened to stumble across but it's probably mostly going to be songs that have released this year because i keep up with recent releases more. im not sure whether to put the songs release date at the top or the day i'm writing about it at the top because i kind of want to keep track of both but well whatever. im gonna do the day i'm writing them because then it can be like a little vocaloid diary or something and i think that would be cute. also then i won't feel pressured to only put new releases here

nee nee nee - pinocchioP ft. rin + miku (8/10/21)

pinocchioP song with rin in it!!!!!!!!! pinocchioP song pv illustrated by terada tera!!!!!!! and just a REALLY GOOD SONG!!!!!!!!!!! i already liked this song from the brief preview on the album trailer and i'm really glad it got a video. and i really like the video terada tera is like my favourite pv artist. i dont know what to say even i just listened to this song for a whole day straight so i think that means i like it a lot. i really like how he tuned rin here. very excited for pinocchioPs album tomorrow in literally like 30 minutes whoops!!!! even if there's only gonna be 1 new song on it now (now i have to publish this page today so that this doesn't become inaccurate)

cinderella - deco*27 ft. hatsune miku (8/10/21)

TBH i am a fan of this song. deco*27 is sticking with the music + video style from vampire, which makes sense because hooooly shit that song blew up. deco*27s songs are always really hit or miss with me (i haven't actively kept up with his vocaloid songs(before 2021) since.... otome dissection. almost 3 years. i listened to almost all of his vocaloid songs before that and i just gave up there) but cinderella is a pretty good song!! i wasn't sure if i would like it or not on my first listen but after listening to it again it really grew on me. it's a great song.

-hmm?- - takenoko boy ft. hatsune miku (8/29/21)

tbh i have been meaning to put this song on this page for like 2 weeks but i kept putting it off. i'm in college i can't help it. also i just couldn't think of anything huge to say about it it's just a good song. I really really like the instrumentals in this one the guitar parts are really cool. not the biggest fan of super high tuning in songs like these sometimes but i like it here. awesome song

fate - harumaki gohan x niru kajitsu ft. miku + vflower (8/29/21)

(flashing warning for like the last 30 seconds its not too bad but it bothered me so this is a warning)
this song is fcking insane. harumaki gohan and niru kajitsu collabing was definitely one of the most interesting combinations from the chimera album, and while this song has a lot more harumaki gohan influence just from tuning + general sound (there's actually another collab from these two on the album which sounds more niru kajitsu-esque just from its preview which is pretty cool) its also so different from their normal work it's really so interesting. it's so good. im so so excited for the rest of the songs on this album especially the teniwoha wadatakeaki collab. can't wait..

glory steady go! - kinoshita ft. hatsune miku (8/29/21)

the vocaloid version of the most recent project sekai song! i really love this song and while think this is one of the cases where i prefer the project sekai version to the vocaloid version (i think i like the key its in more . i think that's the word. it was changed in the vocaloid version) it's still a really cute and fun song!! i also love the video it's so so cute.

kyu-kurarin - iyowa ft. kafu (9/7/21)

this song is cuteee!!!!! i really wasnt too big on kafus voicebank at first but its really grown on me. it's really unique (in like a good way). and like every vocaloid producer is using her now if i like hated her voice or something i would be in trouble. i really like what producers are doing with her voice though there are some bangers with her voicebank rn and this is one of them!!! i don't know if i would call this like., a banger its not the kind of song i would describe as a "banger" but it's a really good song. i like the instrumental here, it's a bit chaotic sometimes but i think that adds to it. it's nice. i really like the video too, also very cute

god-ish - pinocchioP ft. hatsune miku (9/18/21)


another new pinocchioP song!!!!!!! (it has now taken so long for me to update this page that its no longer his most recent song WHOOPS!!!) HOOOOLY SHIT this one is really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm obsessed with it i don't know how to describe what about it makes me feel crazy i think its definitely different from his normal stuff in a good way. i love the instrumental and i really really like how miku sounds during the chorus specifically but especially during the whole thing even if the tuning is very just PinocchioP is still good still special

MACHINEGUN POEM DOLL - cosMo@bousouP ft. hatsune miku (10/13/21)

cosMo finally getting to make a ridiculously hard song for project sekai thus restoring order in the world . I am very neutral on this song i really really like the chorus but it only happens once!? and im not really a fan of the super fast parts I can appreciate it in some of his other songs but it usually isnt something i like very much. also i hate really hard rhythm game songs because i have had wrist problems since 2019 that have not gotten any better and super hard rhythm game songs feel like they're mocking me because i can barely play rhythm games without wrist pain let alone the super intense difficult ones. yes this is extremely petty. i dont care. my website my minor issues with vocaloid songs and rhythm games and etc

mozaik role (reloaded) - deco*27 ft. hatsune miku (10/13/21)

it shouldve been gumi :( it's still a decent remake but i can't help but be a little bit sad that he chose to use miku in the remake. i know he kind of only uses miku now so it makes sense i'm just letting my emotions cloud my judgement and logic here and it's gonna stay that way!!!!!!!! the original is one of gumis most popular songs it just seems a bit strange to me to get rid of that in the remake. also tbh i am just not the biggest fan of the way he tunes miku in a lot of his songs I'm just now realizing that IDK why. don't ask me to make serious important music points i'm just trying to talk about vocaloid in the stupitest way possible. overall a decent enough remake it certainly is mozaik role.

SAKURA TATOO - pinocchioP + hifumi ft. miku + una (10/16/21)

CHIMERA ALBUM IS OUT!!!! i was too slow on updating this page to get this up the day after the album was out but man this album was literally the only thing i listened to for a week straight it's the best album ever. this song is awesome. made me realize that Yeah otomachi una IS my favourite vocaloid. i know i said i didn't have one before that was a complete lie i love unas voice so much and i love how she sounds in this song. Song is great in general i love it. tbh i have never listened to a single hifumi song before because i'm a fraud and a faker but im probably going to check more of them out though since it looks like he uses una quite a bit

FrankenX - nilfruits + harumakigohan ft. miku + vflower (10/16/21)

ok i had a whole thing about this song typed out and then i just like completely deleted it on accident and i dont remember exactly what i had to say here. second harumakigohan nilfruits collab!!!!!!!!! i think i like this one a lot more than fate, even though both are really good overall. i just love how you can really tell which parts each of them worked on, they really combined their styles in such a great way its fantastic. i love this song. also this is one of my favourite vocaloid pvs ever i think. love the colours and the art and the everything so so much it's all sooo cool.

Newton Dance - nayutalien + chinozo ft. miku + vflower (10/16/21)

another chimera song, again, i am really such a fan of this album. this song is so fun i really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had to listen to it a few times to really really like it but it's so fun. i think their styles go together really well im pretty sure the pairs for the album were randomly chosen so im really surprised at how good all the pairings were!! like none of them seemed really crazy or out of place like they just seemed natural.this song is cute and fun. thats all i have to say i like it a lot.

showtime ruler - karasuyasabou ft. rin kagamine (10/29/21)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really love this one. karasuyasabou was one of my favourite producers in middle school and while i fell behind on keeping up with their stuff i was REALLY excited when project sekai commissioned them, didn't really expect it either. and WOW IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!i don't have much else to say, i really love the instrumentals they're awesome......i like this song so so much i've been listening to it all day, i missed listening to their stuff. i think the event this song was for sucked though. just a bit sad they got karasuyasabou to make a song for the worst event ever .showtime ruler ruler ruler...take you higher higher higher................................

chameleon - surii ft. len kagamine (11/27/21)

Umm it's been a few months... took a break from this page for finals + just to rest for the holidays even though this page isnt like super hard work to keep up with I just got tired of it for a little. dates for the next few are going to be when i added them to my spotify playlists.. no longer suriis most recent song but i like this one more than the one that just uploaded.. looove how len sounds in this song i feel like surii tunes len so well. I can't think of much else to say its just a good song, not the mooost notable imo but its still a banger in its own right.

hello marina - inabakumori ft. kaai yuki + hatsune miku (11/30/21)

most recent inabakumori song!! this is the first inabakumori song with miku in it, i love how he's branched out with the voicebanks he used this year(now last year. jesus i took so long to update this page), even though he only made 3 songs in 2021, only one of them was exclusively kaai yuki. and i love how well miku and kaai yuki go together in this song!! miku sounds so soft here i almost wasnt sure if it was her lol. just a nice song.

animal - deco*27 ft. hatsune miku (12/17/21)

i think that people who complain about vampire/cinderella/animal all sounding too similar need to realize that DECO*27 just kind of does that. like in general. Look me in the eye and tell me that hibana and ghost rule are two different songs. i wont believe you. And like its a valid criticism but its so confusing when people act like this is some sort of recent development man he's been doing this since 2015 and everyone loves it anyways. idk.

anyways i like this song. I think its a good song. ok? its a good song i like it. definitely my favourite out of the mannequin album songs he's uploaded so far. also i love the video i know its just one image but the text effects are sooo impressive.. typography just so awesome throughout the whole thing. idk i always admire font/text/logo stuff its the one thing i struggle with the most in graphic design so i think its neat. god this is a fucking essay im sorry.

colourful marine snow - carlos hakamada saize P ft. hatsune miku (12/30/21)

snow miku's 2022 song!! tbh ive never actually listened to the snow miku songs from before this year LOL. just never thought to kept track of them. and tbh i dont know if i love this song or dont... like i listened to it one time and was like WOW this is overwhelming. and then i listened to it again. and then i listened to it again. and now it just keeps getting stuck in my head i think it's a good song. i guess? its a little bit much though. I think thats definitely just how i feel about carlos hakamadas style though, it's very good and it's unique but it's also..very overwhelming. once again im not the biggest fan of songs that try really hard to tune miku as high as possible (my ears are so sensitive..), but i do love how fast paced this song is, the drums and instruments in general are awesome. the video is also adorable i love the art here!! also love this years snow mikus design i really like how her hair looks.

worldwide wander - TOKOTOKO ft. hatsune miku (12/30/21)

i need a shorter entry after the last two being like essays. TOKOTOKOs project sekai commission... I love love love the guitar here.... that's about it. TBH the proseka version is a bit better but this is still good I've honestly never heard a TOKOTOKO song before. if im being real here..

marshall maximizer - hiiragi magnetite ft. KAFU (12/23/21)

for 2022 i'm going to stop being embarassed about putting songs that aren't like Super recent on here. this one isnt even old its literally from august 2021 and im still like ahh.. no... im late on the news and trends...i'll look so stupid... But i dont care i need to put more songs on here i love vocaloid<3.this song kept getting recommended to me on youtube and i was like ummhmm.. idk... and i never clicked on it until one day i did and then i listened to it over 100 times in the next 24 hours. pretty good song. love it.

i just want to live a fun life - aoya ft. kasane teto (1/10/21)

i complained a lot about how my spotify discover weekly never gives me shit i care about (because it does just give me songs from albums i already know or artists i already know. when you only listen to vocaloid they really run out of things to give you) and they gave me this in response, very pleasantly surprised. i loooove songs with teto i think utau is like definitely harder to use compared to vocaloid(i have tried using both before while i understand neither of them i definitely understood the vocaloid software more) so i do get that's why there's less utau originals but my god i love utau i love tetos voice so much. i love the lyrics to this song too i don't usually talk about lyrics on here but like.. idk i like the ones here. love this song

identity- kanaria ft. gumi + hatsune miku (1/12/22)

this song was commissioned for a... cup noodle x project sekai collaboration...? not too surprised about the collab itself like I was there for the vocaloid napolitan collaboration back in like 2017 but if you showed me this song on its own and then told me it was meant to be promoting cup noodles (or something..?) i don't know if i would believe you. especially compared to the other Cup Noodle Collaboration Songs.idk though i dont like eat cup noodles so i wouldn't really know. really good song though, love the piano. it's short and simple but its very catchy I enjoy it.

Niccori^^Survery Team Theme - WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY! ft. rin + len kagamine(1/19/22)

wasnt about to make the header longer but the vocals are officially credited to "rin, rin, len, len, rin kagamine" in the description which i just find funny. sorry for more project sekai collabs here I will do it again. This song is sooo fun and its cute and it keeps getting stuck in my head, its a very good song i like it. love the video too, its cute. i like how each of the kagamine clones sort of represents a member of WxS it made me smile.

R.I.P - youman ft. gumi (1/20/22)

a slightly older song.. this one's from 2019 my friend just recommended this producer to me and this ended up being my favourite song of theirs. i really like it, it reminds me of the ~2014 era vocaloid songs i used to really like. wish i knew a way to describe it without naming specific vocaloid producers i liked when i was 12. this is a really good song, though..

steal you - omoi ft. miku (2/19/22)

this is literally just evil dance robot dance. it's like "what if dance robot dance was evil". I'm fucking obsessed. i literally don't know anything about compass other than the vocaloid songs. i just like that it commissions people to make songs such as Evil dance robot dance. this song is awesome.

canon - hiiragi magnetite ft. kafu (2/19/22)

this song rocks I don't have much to say about it. i like how kafu sounds here and i like the instruments i like that like keyboard or whatever it is. i really really like this song. Idk i wanted to put it here but i honestly don't have anything to say about it other than "Wow!!!!! it's good!!!"

bunny - surii ft. len kagamine (2/19/22)

bunny bunny girl.... i like this song. i wasn't sure if i would like it at first but i do. im starting to run out of specific things to say about songs i put on this page.

magical girl and chocolate - pinocchioP ft. miku (2/19/22)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmh hmm i just don't know.. i think it's an ok song. rotten heresy and chocolate has been one of my favourite pinocchioP songs since i was like 13 so this being a very similar song in like, general theme/colours/title etc is pretty cool. i don't know if i really care for the song itself. lyrics dont do much for me. decent song, just not my favourite of his. i do love the art in this one though, probably my favourite art pinocchioP has done yet.

hello builder - utsu-p ft. miku (3/3/22)

I love this song so much it's really good!!!!!!!. always forget that utsu-p is a producer i really enjoy until i hear any of his songs again and i'm like oh yeah this is great. i honestly have no idea what digital stars is. but i'm glad that this song exists. It is just really good. the art in the video is awesome too. i love the colours.

tricologe - NILFRUITS ft. flower (3/3/22)

I honestly completely forgot that this song was originally made for project sekai because i haven't been keeping up with the jp version recently at all . but this is a really good song!!!!!! i love the video so much also. i also like the miku version, you can listen to that one here, the tuning is really nice in it. i like how vflower sounds too though, both versions are really good!! I will not make successful women fight.

kimi ni kaikisen - inabakumori ft. kaai yuki (3/26/22)

WOW!! I'm really glad this song got a pv. i was confused when it was put on streaming services earlier than the other album songs and i was really hoping that meant it might get a pv and i'm so glad it did. really really love this song. definitely one of my favourite inabakumori songs now, like up there with lagtrain and rainy boots. that good. a bit different from his other works but still like. yeah this is an inabakumori song.

wolfism - fallstay ft. flower (3/30/22)

(flashing warning for pv) really cool flower song ..... love how rough the tuning is during the chorus, love the piano part, honestly i just really like this song i've been listening to it on repeat the past week or so.

dance robot dance - too many producers + vocaloids to put here (4/24/22)

a collab between a bunch of different producers!! this version was on the chimera album and was actually originally uploaded 2 years ago, but this one has a new video made by a bunch of different artists!! while like.. yeah i've heard dance robot dance like 500 times everywhere now, it's really fun to see how all these producers styles go together. I love it a lot. amazing collab, great mv, love it all.

88☆彡 - marasy x shota horie (kemu) (4/24/22)

if i had a nickel for each time one of my favourite producers got commissioned by project sekai to make a song for a tsukasa center event i would have 2 nickels. which isnt that many but its fucking insane that it happened twice. while i do enjoy shota hories other music ventures i am still always absolutely thrilled when he does anything with vocaloid so i was soo . and like i don't know that much about marasy but i've heard like two of his songs before (one of those also being a collab with kemu LOL) and they were both good. and this song is amazing, i really really like it. love the piano. i also really love mikus tuning in this song its so good, apparently it was done by bibi, who i've heard a few covers from in the past (this one specifically). overall a great song. love it so so much

bui bui dan - yasuhiro ft. rin (4/24/22)

fun yasuhiro song. love how rin sounds, i like the instrumentals too. Very nice.. not much else to say about it just a nice sounding song.

unfriendly hater* - meddmia ft. kafu + miku (4/30/22)

(*that is not what the name of the song in jp translates to but it is the official english title(?). and i usually just go with those) really really cool song. i actually really like how kafu sounds here, and ive never listened to a song with both miku and kafu in it, i really like how they sound together here. also really, really like the pv, i really love both WOOMA and arusechikas art so them collabing on a pv is really neat. love it.

diFrail - yugica ft. miku (5/5/22)

You & me & you & me & you.......... absolutely loveee the instrumentals here. and i fucking love midi strings like this is just a personal opinion i love midi string noises. the miku tuning goes really well with it all too.

reincarnation apple - pinocchioP ft. miku (6/3/22)

ohhhh wow this is definitely my favourite pinocchioP song since like, nee nee nee i think. it's really soo good idk. i love pinocchioPs style as of late something about his miku tuning has been a bit different recently and i really like it..though maybe it isnt that different and i'm just like. making things up. idk. either way this song is good. obsessed with the mv too, while i love pinocchioPs own mvs i also really love when he gets these insane animated mvs i.e loveit and nonbreath oblige..the different art styles here are so fun.

tokoshizume - inabakumori ft. SEKAI (6/3/22)

woah!!! i haven't heard many sekai songs, really glad inabakumori used her. once again i really do love how he's been varying what vocalsynths he uses recently, while im glad he's basically singlehandedly made kaai yuki somewhat relevant again, i also enjoy when he tries different vocalsynths. it helps that i really like how sekai sounds, i hope she gets the same popularity kafu has. please let kafu rest she's been carrying cevio for months now. as for the song well it's nice. not the most standout or favourite of his for me but i like it.

Our 16bit Wars (Remaster ver) - sasakure.UK (+UKRampage) ft. gumi (7/3/22)

oh.h... ohhh... Remaster of one of my favourite vocaloid songs... So so happy. I could tell he had done something with this song right when they uploaded the preview for project sekai and i was even more surprised by the instrumental changes when i actually played the song in project sekai (literally redownloaded it just for this song.). So i was sooo excited to see he uploaded a full remaster of this song it really is one of my favourite vocaloid songs ever. I love the new instruments added + the background vocals really make this song like twice as good as the original. which is saying a lot because i was already completely obsessed with the original.

teratera - wadatakeaki ft. otomachi una (7/30/22)

LOVE YOU OTOMACHI UNA........@!!!!! i feel like this page definitely mentions project sekai too much considering i literally do not play it anymore and also don't consider myself too much of a fan of it these days (Ignore the rui on my about page. didnt have any other images.) But i WAS super happy they got wadatakeaki in there.. Just always happy to hear a new wadatakeaki song. Love this one. Though I do think i prefer his cover of it.. while i love una + how she sounds in most of his songs i feel like this is just one i prefer his voice for.. Idk. This song rules though im obsesed with it. fun video too. love when videos have fun text. and this has it!!